Tree Service With 6 Certified Arborists On Staff

Tree service in Austin, TX that includes tree trimming, removal , treatment, cabling, planting, ball moss removal, and stump grinding. This is all done after a comprehensive diagnosis by an on-staff certified arborist. We are fully insured with both general liability and workman’s comp so that you are fully protected from accidents. We always adhere to ANSI standards and follow ISA guidelines as well. ATS has several crews available so that we can get to your job completed fast. All of our crews are experienced and have been employed by us for years as well.

Types of Pruning

Our typical trimming consists of removal of all deadwood, thinning of the canopy, raising the canopy as to meet city requirements and to lift off of structures and ball moss removal. There are a variety of pruning options available however. One option is just a simple roof clearance that lifts trees that are too close to the roof. Deadwood removal only is a great option for customers who do not want their trees thinned out but would like them to remain healthy.

Correct Trimming Matters

Arborists Finished Tree Trimming At A Home In AustinTree trimming helps maintain the health of a tree by removing dead or diseased limbs or branches. This can prevent the spread of disease or decay to other parts of the tree. This helps it remains healthy and strong. Trimming can improve the safety of a tree by removing weak or damaged branches that could fall and cause damage or injury to someone. It can enhance the appearance of a tree by shaping it to a desired form, removing unsightly branches or limbs, and promoting the growth of healthy foliage and blooms. It can also help maintain structural integrity by removing branches that are crossing or rubbing against each other as well as ones growing in an awkward or unhealthy manner.

Incorrect pruning can be detrimental to the health and safety of a tree. Improper pruning, such as removing too much foliage or cutting the wrong branches. It can weaken it and leave it susceptible to disease or decay. That’s why it’s important to hire certified arborists to ensure that your trees are pruned correctly and safely.

What Makes Our Service Different?

We are an all-inclusive tree service company serving the entire Austin area. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction. We offer reliable, quality service residents of Central Texas have come to trust. All trimming & removal is performed by specially trained climbers who have received extensive training by a certified arborist. We also have a variety of trimming options available such roof clearance, deadwood removal, vista pruning and complete trimming. Our arborists will discuss the best course of action for your desired outcome after taking a look at your property as well.

Dead Or Dangerous Removals

We are also experts at dangerous tree removal and have the necessary equipment and experience to handle them. There may be situations in which you require a removal permit from the City of Austin. Our arborists can handle that for you from beginning to end. We take several pictures and fill out a risk assessment form and follow up on status with the City of Austin.

6 Certified Arborists On Staff

Certified arborists have extensive knowledge of tree biology, anatomy, and physiology. They know how to identify and diagnose tree problems and can provide the best care for your trees

Quality care of your trees is of utmost importance to us. We also have 6 ISA certified arborists and strive to to be the best service you have ever used. That is why we keep up with the best practices, safety, and what is going on in arboriculture. Many of our arborists are Tree Risk Assessment Qualified as well as Oak Wilt Certified. Requesting an estimate is easy and in lot of cases we are able to provide an estimate on the same day. After you decide to use our service we will schedule your job within a week in most cases.

When it comes to tree service, Austin residents deserve the best. We do it because we love our city and our customers! So Request a Quote today from an arborist.

Tree Trimming In Process At A Southwest Austin Home
About Us

Our Company Employs Arborists

Certified Arborists are required to keep up with standards related to arboriculture in order to keep their certification current. They have had years of experience in the industry as well as have passed the required testing by the International Society of Arboriculture.

We pride ourselves on being a different kind of service business that puts customers first. During your initial visit with an arborist we will answer all of your questions and provide solutions to problems moving forward.

Areas Around Austin Served:

Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, San Marcos, Dripping Springs, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Leander, Liberty Hill, Lakeway, Rollingwood, West Lake Hills, Buda and Kyle

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Our Services

Quality Arboriculture With Certified Arborists On Staff

We pride ourselves with providing the best tree service in Austin and surrounding cities. We answer every call and email quickly the same business day. Often times we can schedule your estimate the same day that you call. Give us a chance to prove to you that working with a service company can be a painless and pleasant experience. We want to be your tree service for life.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our mission is to always do the right thing. We communicate and provide information before the job so that you understand what is going to take place at your home or business. We have assembled an all star team of talented arborists and climbers so that everything goes smoothly from beginning to end with your job.

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Austin Loves Us

 by John on Austin Tree Surgeons
Austin Tree Surgeons

Tim and his guys at ATS did an amazing job clearing up our front and back trees. They were quick, responsive, affordable, and provided exceptional customer service. We had a Bradford pear that a limb had collapsed and taken another limb with it. Tim advised we would likely lose the tree, but listened to my wife who wanted to keep it as long as we could. Tim went out of his way to tell us what we can do to best preserve the tree. I could not recommend ATS any higher!

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