5 Compost Tea Benefits for Trees

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5 Compost Tea Benefits for Trees

5 Compost Tea Benefits For Trees

Wondering what benefit compost tea will have on your trees? There are a wide range of substances out there that can be used to combat pest infestation and disease infections in trees and plants in general. Some of these substances are synthetic and chemical-based while others are purely natural. Although both of these categories can help you to achieve the objective, the synthetic chemical-based have proved to be toxic to the environment making the all-natural substances the better option. Compost tea is a natural substance that is not only beneficial to trees but also capable of reversing the mess done by synthetic chemical-based substances.

1.Protects beneficial microorganisms hence enhancing plant growth. Synthetic chemical-based herbicides, pesticides, fumigants and fertilizers can destroy a number of useful microorganisms which enhance good plant growth and health. Compost tea is one natural substance that can help reinstate these microorganisms and life in the soil as well as on the surfaces of the tree. Compost tea inoculates the tree’s leaf surfaces and soil with useful microorganisms instead of killing them like the synthetic chemicals do. These microorganisms play a significant role by occupying infection sites on the tree’s surface thus preventing entry of disease causing microorganisms into the tree.

2.Helps in nutrient retention. It is true that trees need nutrients in order to grow and remain healthy. Trees obtain these nutrients from the soil and when the soil becomes deficient of a given mineral, the effects are manifested in the plant’s poor health. Many a times, people respond to such occasions by applying fertilizers to the soil which as aforementioned is toxic to the beneficial microorganisms. Compost tea helps you to avoid this because it helps retain the vital nutrients in the soil hence eliminating the need for fertilization.

3.Enhances tree nutrition. Trees and plants in general absorb nutrients for their growth from the soil through their roots. The closer the nutrients are availed to the roots, the better and easier the absorption process becomes to the tree. This is exactly what compost tea does; it avails the nutrients just in the appropriate proximity, time and quantities that the tree requires.

4.Improves soil structure. Soil structure plays a significant role in plant growth. In particular, compaction of soil can greatly hamper normal tree growth as it leads to poor aeration and prevents water from percolating into the soil. This denies the tree roots access to sufficient air and water, something that can be quite detrimental to the trees growth and health. Compost tea helps reduce compaction of soil thus improving soil structure.

5.Suffices nutrient uptake. Compost tea enhances foliar uptake of nutrients. This is because beneficial microorganisms increase duration over which stomata of leaves stay open but at the same time preventing excessive moisture loss from surface of the leaves. During this time the stomata is open, the tree can absorb extra nutrients through them.
In conclusion, these compost tea benefits for trees are long lived unlike those that can be gained from the use of synthetic chemical-based substances out there. The overall effect of compost tea is having healthy, robust trees. There is no reason not to use compost tea on your trees.

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