Ball Moss Removal

July 18, 2017 Blog Comments Off on Ball Moss Removal

Ball Moss Removal 2

There have been a lot of questions from customers regarding ball moss and what to do with it. First off ball moss is an epiphyte and not a parasite, so it does not live off of your trees. It lives off of the sun and moisture in the air. Epiphytes like ball moss are often referred to as air plants. That is why at times you can even see ball moss growing on fences as well.

Ball Moss Removal

Customers often think that ball moss is just like mistletoe but it is not. Mistletoe is a parasite and it actually lives off of the trees. We do recommend cutting both out of the trees however during tree trimming. If mistletoe is left alone and not trimmed out it will continue to increase throughout the tree and can eventually kill your tree.

Ball moss is unsightly and in some rare cases can be so dominate in the tree that the shade it produces can cause problems with leaf production. This is why we also recommend trimming ball moss out on every tree pruning as well.

If you would like a estimate on ball moss removal in Austin, Tx or surrounding cities, give us a call at Austin Tree Surgeons.

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