Tree Service in Bee Cave, TX

To keep your property looking its best, hiring a tree service for your home in Bee Cave is essential. Here are the three main services that you can get from a tree trimming company.Tall Live Oak Trees

Tree Trimming

Though you may have a rough idea of how big a tree will grow, it is harder to predict the angle of the branches or how long they will grow over property or the street. When trees become hazards, then tree trimming in Bee Cave is necessary. Tree trimming is probably one of the most important services that you can get because if done wrong, the tree can die, not to mention safety considerations. Finally, tree trimming can be done to promote healthy growth.Arborists Finished Trimming

Tree Removal

If for one reason or another, your tree has died, then you will need a tree service company in Bee Cave, TX. The trees need to be cut carefully and then removed completely from their location. It is not easy and a lot of people who try cutting the tree themselves suffer accidents which can injure them or damage their property. Professionals should always be called in when you need to remove a tree from your yard or anywhere on your property when they have died.

Tree Planting

You may think that the idea of tree planting is too simple and that anyone can do it but if it is going to be done right, you will need a tree servicing company in Bee Cave. Planning the planting of a tree includes measuring the distance to and from the house and the sidewalk. You also have to measure the distance between the new tree and other trees on your property. Finally, there may be underground power lines or other services that may be damaged by the improper planting of a new tree.