Tree Service in Buda, TX | Certified Arborist

Tree service serving Buda, TX with Certified Arborists on staff. Our tree services include tree trimming, removal, stump grinding/removal, cabling, consultation, and hedge trimming. Request an estimate from Austin Tree Surgeons today, your trees will thank you.

Why Tree Trimming In Buda Must Be Done Correctly

The people that you hire when you need to prune a tree or trim the tree in Buda make the task seem almost too easy. But tree trimming is not just cutting and giving shape; it has to be done right for it to give the best results. Tree pruning means that you have to know how much to cut when to cut, and what portions you can cut. The terms tree pruning and trimming are sometimes used to refer to the same thing but in reality, pruning focuses more on the tree’s health and safety.

Trimming At The Right Time of Year

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A person who may not have experience with tree trimming may not realize the importance of pruning at the right time in Buda. Different trees may require different times of the year for trimming. Consult with a Certified Arborist to find out if now is a good time to have your tree trimming done. Flowering trees, for example, will bloom during the spring and trimming should be done right after those trees flower. Trees that bloom in the summer need trimming during the early spring. Fruit trees should be done during the winter to give those trees the right shape and get sunlight on the tree’s core. The late fall and the winter are the right times to prune hardwood trees.

Correct Tree Pruning

Hiring a professional tree trimming service in Buda, TX will ensure that every tree on your property is pruned efficiently and correctly. A lot of people who do the pruning themselves end up damaging the trees when they use climbing spurs. Barks and trunks can take damage using that method. The heavier branches need to be done in sections to prevent splitting and tearing. A professional team will use ropes and working teams to get those large branches to the ground. Throwing those branches down can cause injury or damage to property.