Tree Treatment In Lakeway

We have a variety of tree treatments to offer customers with sick, stressed, or infested trees. Most of these tree treatments are not a one-and-done treatment as it can take some time to turn the health of a tree around. Our various tree treatments include tree spraying, tree fertilization using deep root fertilization, vertical mulching, and foliar feedings. We use organic tree fertilizers and compost teas in all of our fertilization and treatment programs.

Oak Wilt Tree Treatment

Oak Wilt Treatment lakewayWe also provide oak wilt diagnosis and tree treatment throughout Central Texas. Anyone who has lived here in Lakeway for very long knows the importance of our native live oaks throughout the area. We also have some native Spanish Red Oaks that are susceptible to oak wilt. White oak trees are very unlikely to get oak wilt and that is the reason we recommend these mostly for new tree plantings. There are pockets of oak wilt throughout Lakeway and we are always keeping an eye on the movement throughout the area.

Types Of Tree Treatment

2 types of treatment for oak wilt can be applied if oak wilt is in the area. The first is trenching with a rock saw to a depth of 4 ft below the ground to sever the roots between healthy and infected trees. The second is injecting the trees with propiconazole fungicide to help the trees fight off the oak wilt fungus. Call our arborists today if you think there is a possibility of oak wilt in your area.

Tree Fertilization

We use a variety of different tree fertilization methods to help your trees regain their health. Vertical mulching is done by drilling 3-inch holes in a grid under the drip line 12 or more inches below grade. We then backfill the holes with slow-release fertilizer. These holes that are drilled provide aeration under the root zone and the granular fertilizer provides nutrients to the trees over some time.

Deep Root Fertilization

We do deep root fertilization in which a prong is put into the soil under the canopy of the tree. A fertilizer is then injected below the soil and into the root system. This is also an effective way to get nutrients into the trees and it provides some aeration as well. We also do foliar feeding as well using compost tea as a soil injection. This is helpful when trees are starting to bud out as a tree treatment.

Tree Spraying

Our tree spraying for insects is done using an organic method with Neem oil. Neem oil is not harmful to the environment whatsoever and it comes from a neem tree in India. It is a great organic pesticide. Neem oil only attacks chewing and sucking insects and does not harm our beneficial insects. It is said to cause reproductive failure in insects or it can cause the harmful insects to choose not to eat, therefore leading to starvation. This also breaks the cycle of infestation in your trees without harming other plants, trees, or animals.

Root Flare Excavation

We do air spade work to expose the root flares of trees so that they are healthier moving forward. This is done with a high-compression air tool so that it does not disturb the root system of the tree. It carefully removes excess soil from the root flares and root zone. This is very beneficial in helping the tree get needed oxygen. This can correct problems with trees planted too deep, soil compression, and root girdling.

Air Spade / Root Flare Excavation Service

Root Flare Excavation