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Top Reasons to Hire A Certified Arborist

If you have ever taken an interest in the trees on your property or considered a serious planting, then it’s likely you have thought about whether or not you should consider a certified arborist as part of the process. You may be put off by the thought of hiring someone for your trees but when you take the following top ten reasons to hire a certified arborist into consideration it seems the best way to get a good looking landscape.

Certified Arborists Help Keep Up Appearances

One of the biggest things to consider when working with a certified arborist is that you will be able to maintain a better landscape appearance with less work and without damaging your trees. With effective pruning, your certified arborist can avoid cutting too much off your tree and keep the branches that will flourish the most. With proper trimming and care your trees will enhance your landscape, rather than detract from it. Homeowners who work with certified arborists soon find they are getting compliments on their trees. They also find that the landscape is more appealing while being easier to maintain.

Safety Is A Priority

Tree pruning can be very difficult, especially when the tree is mature. One of the best reasons to consider working with a certified arborist is for safety reasons. Rather than you or your partner climbing ladders and stretching precariously with dull tools, a tree professional can easily get your branches taken care of. In addition to their being able to trim your trees more safely than you can, they will also notice branches that may be dangerous before they become that way. Getting rid of these early on will help to prevent any accidents, property damage or personal harm.

Certified Arborists Have The Experience

One of the most critical reasons to hire a certified arborist is often overlooked. This is because people take for granted the amount of knowledge cultivating quality trees can require. Working with an arborist allows you to capitalize on their years of experience. You may not recognize a pest or disease on your tree but a professional can spot this early enough to minimize the damage. You may not know how to properly trim those fruit trees you planted, yet a professional can help you get them trained to produce the best fruit at the highest yields.

Improved Overall Property Value

There’s no question that mature trees can increase a property value. The best way to insure the health of your trees is at its best is to work with a professional that can assess your situation. You can receive advice on new plantings, such as which species will do well in which location, as well. You can also get pointers on how to properly use trees in your landscape plan to increase your property value. Employing the fine touches of an arborist can help increase your property value.

Disease and Insect Prevention Of Your Trees

Perhaps one of the best reasons to work with a certified arborist is to control disease and insects. You may think you can handle a disease problem only to find out you killed your tree by pruning too much off when a simple treatment would have worked. Contacting a team of professionals to help give you guidance on the trees you have is a good way to insure you have the best trees possible. They can tell you if any disease your trees have is treatable through other means than simple trimming, therefore helping you to keep more of the tree than if you attempted a heavy pruning.


Trimming trees takes a bit of experience and even with a wealth of knowledge accidents can still happen. When working with a certified arborist you will have less to worry about as they will carry their own insurance coverage. This will protect against limbs falling and damaging property or someone getting hurt while the tree is being trimmed.

Right Tree Selection

You may be just starting out with trees and aren’t even sure what you want to plant on the property. This can be one of the best times to hire a certified arborist. These professionals can help you select the right tree for the soil conditions, the purpose you want it for and the care you will be able to provide. This type of care before planting can make your long-term tree care much easier. Working with a professional can also help to insure you don’t get a tree that won’t do well for the climate you’re working in.

Best Equipment

Perhaps one of the reasons that gets overlooked the most for hiring a certified arborist is that they have the right tools. Doing a job when you don’t have proper equipment will not only take longer it can also be more dangerous. Working with professionals insures that your trees benefit from being snipped with sharp equipment. It also means you’ll be working with an expert that knows the right tools can also cause less damage to your trees or shrubs. Hiring these professionals will mean that you have people who are up to date on the most current methods and techniques working with your trees.

Save Money

You may think that hiring a certified arborist to save money is counterproductive. The truth is, an arborist can save you money many ways. First, the advice they offer in the care and management of your trees can help you avoid costly mistakes. They may also be able to save a tree that you would have cut all the way down. This will save you money and keep your landscape looking mature and lovely. Additionally, they can advise you in maintenance care to minimize time and money spent.

Stump Removal

When removing a tree there is a stump left to deal with. If you are working with a certified arborist, then you will have the opportunity to get the stump properly ground as well. Getting rid of the stump can allow you to fill the area with other landscaping ideas and improve your overall landscape.

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