Round Rock Tree Treatment

At our company, we specialize in diverse tree treatment solutions for trees that are unhealthy, under stress, or battling infestations. Reviving the health of a tree often requires a sustained approach, as immediate results are rare. Our array of tree care services encompasses techniques like tree spraying, deep root fertilization, vertical mulching, and foliar feeding. We exclusively use natural fertilizers and compost teas in all our fertilization and care programs, ensuring an environmentally friendly approach. Our team of certified arborists also provides expert advice on tree pruning, disease management, and pest control. We are committed to using sustainable methods that not only nurture your trees but also contribute to the overall health of the ecosystem.

Oak Wilt Treatment Round Rock

Oak Wilt Management

In Central Texas, we’re experts in identifying and treating oak wilt, a common issue for the region’s treasured live oaks, including the native Spanish Red Oaks. While White oaks are largely resistant to oak wilt, making them ideal for new plantings, the disease is a significant concern for other species. We continuously monitor oak wilt’s spread in Round Rock, ensuring the health of these vital trees. Our approach includes proactive measures such as preventative treatments, strategic pruning, and educating the community on recognizing early symptoms. We also offer specialized care for infected trees, employing the latest techniques in disease management to mitigate its impact. Our goal is to preserve the legacy and beauty of Central Texas’ oak trees for future generations.

Types of  Tree Treatment

For combating oak wilt, we offer two effective treatments. The first involves trenching up to 4 feet deep using a rock saw to isolate healthy trees from infected ones. The second strategy is administering propiconazole fungicide injections to help trees resist the oak wilt fungus. If oak wilt concerns you in your area, our arborists are ready to assist.

Tree Fertilization

Our tree treatment fertilization methods are tailored to rejuvenate tree health. Vertical mulching involves drilling 3-inch holes around the tree’s drip line, 12 inches or deeper, and filling them with a slow-release fertilizer. This technique not only fertilizes but also aerates the root zone, enhancing soil structure and moisture retention. We also offer custom-blended fertilizers based on soil analysis, ensuring that each tree receives the specific nutrients it needs. Additionally, our experts carefully consider the timing of fertilizer application to maximize benefits while minimizing environmental impact. Our holistic approach to tree care supports the robust growth and long-term vitality of trees in various landscapes.

Deep Root Fertilization

Our deep root fertilization technique involves inserting a prong beneath the tree canopy to inject fertilizer directly into the roots, offering both nourishment and aeration. Additionally, we provide foliar feeding using a compost tea soil injection, especially beneficial during the budding phase of tree growth. This targeted approach ensures that essential nutrients reach the roots efficiently, promoting healthier and more resilient trees. Our methods are particularly effective in urban environments, where soil compaction and limited space can stress trees. By combining deep root and foliar feeding, we address the full spectrum of a tree’s nutritional needs, enhancing its growth, foliage density, and overall health.

Tree Spraying

We employ organic methods for tree treatment spraying against insects, using Neem oil derived from the neem tree in India. This environmentally friendly pesticide targets only harmful chewing and sucking insects, sparing beneficial ones. It disrupts insect reproduction or feeding habits, effectively breaking the infestation cycle without harming other flora or fauna. Additionally, we integrate other natural insect repellents and growth regulators to enhance the resilience of trees against pests. Our approach is also focused on regular monitoring and timely intervention, ensuring that treatments are applied only when necessary. This minimizes environmental impact and promotes a balanced ecosystem, supporting both the health of trees and surrounding wildlife.

Root Flare Excavation

To promote tree health, we perform air spade excavations to expose tree root flares. Using a high-pressure air tool, we carefully remove excess soil without disturbing the root system. This process is crucial for addressing issues like over-planting depth, soil compaction, and root girdling, ensuring trees receive adequate oxygen. By exposing the root flare, we also enhance water and nutrient absorption, crucial for healthy tree growth. Our team expertly assesses each tree to determine the extent of excavation needed, tailoring our approach to the unique needs of each tree species. Regular root flare maintenance can prevent future health issues, contributing significantly to the longevity and vitality of the tree.

Air Spade / Root Flare Excavation Service

Root Flare Excavation