Hedge Trimming

Shrub Pruning and Maintenance

Hedge trimming and proper maintenance of hedges can be a hassle and sometimes a bit overwhelming for a property owner. But this maintenance is necessary to keep your hedges beautiful and serving as an asset to your overall landscaping in Austin, Tx. Our expertise and equipment will ensure that the best job will be done for all types of hedges. Let us take care of your hedges, large ones, small ones or any size in between. At Austin Tree Surgeons, we do it all and we do it to perfection.

With hedges that are trimmed the correct way, it can even add value to your home. Hedges can provide you with privacy, can provide an effective barrier for wind and noise, and increase your overall personal space.

You may need just regular trimmings done on your hedges, or if you are looking for a more aesthetic design, we can do that for you as well.