Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding and removal are the most effective methods to rid your lawn of tree stumps and roots. Our stump grinding equipment will make short work of the most stubborn stumps, and what has been unusable or unsightly space is now a beautiful lawn or garden area.

Contact us in Austin, Tx to schedule the stump grinding. We will provide you with a turnkey solution to removal of your unsightly stumps.

Reasons To Grind A Stump:

  • No residual holes that have to be filled with topsoil.
  • No tree roots that have to be hauled from your property.
  • Enjoy the ease of landscaping.
  • Eliminates the damage done to your yard that using a backhoe will cause.

Stump Grinding In ActionAdditional Information on Stump Grinding:

  • Our stump-grinding equipment fits in the most hard-to-reach places, and can get close to the structural foundations so that you’re completely rid of any problems.
  • We actually grind the stump and the roots several inches below the ground’s surface, allowing for grass and other root plants to grow in that area.
  • The entire root system above ground is ground underneath the surface. This eliminates any future worry or problems when you start a new landscape project.