Spicewood Tree Service

Those in Spicewood, Texas no longer have to look far and wide to find tree care, thanks to our tree service. We offer a range of tree-related services, including those that involve an arborist. Our team prides itself on offering quality, professional services. The following are just some of the many tree services that we offer.

Tree Trimming in Spicewood

Tree trimming can be essential to the overall health of your tree, as it allows you to get rid of sick or dead branches on trees. In the latter case, the trimming may even be a matter of safety, as it prevents dead branches from falling and causing injuries. Our tree trimming services can also help you get rid of branches that are in the way of power lines, too close to your house, or reduce ground clearance on your driveway.

Our certified arborists complete all of our tree trimming services, ensuring that all cuts are done in a way to maximizes the health of the tree by minimizing stress.

Tree Removal

Our team will also gladly remove trees from your property. Our preference is always to save a tree when possible, but this is not always the case. Sometimes, our certified arborists may suggest tree removal in the case of a dead, dying, or severely sick tree, especially if it puts your other trees at risk. You may also need tree removal for aesthetic reasons or another reason entirely.

Regardless of the reason for the tree removal, our team has experience taking the appropriate safety precautions as well as following the relevant industry standards. We carefully remove the tree in a way that minimizes the risk of injuries to our team or anyone else nearby. At the same time, our techniques and experience let us minimize the risk of damage to your property, including your home.

At the end of our tree removal services, we will also remove all of the debris from your property, so you do not have to worry about figuring out what to do with a large pile of branches.

Stump Grinding

In addition to full tree removal, our team will gladly grind down your stump in Spicewood. This helps you get rid of a potential trip hazard or an unsightly blemish in your landscape. Our stump grinding equipment lets us give you a flat lawn with no sign that a tree was previously there, other than the remaining patch of dirt which will hopefully fill in with grass.

Tree Sales

When it comes time to plant trees on your Spicewood property, let our professionals assist you. One of our many services is tree sales, something which our certified arborists will gladly assist with. We will gladly help you choose the right tree for your property, based on your needs, budget, and soil conditions. We can get our trees at wholesale prices, so we can pass on the savings to you. At the same time, our certified arborists ensure that all trees we sell are healthy and ready to thrive when properly cared for.

Other Tree Services

In addition to all of the above tree services, we also offer a range of certified arborist services, including evaluating and treating trees. We can also trim the hedges on your Spicewood property.

For all of your tree service needs in Spicewood, Texas, contact our team at Austin Tree Surgeons.