Arborist Services In Spicewood

You can rely on our certified arborist services in Spicewood, Texas to help you with choosing the best plants for the Spicewood metroplex, deciding what time of year to plant and prune, or deciding if a tree is unsafe and needs to be removed.

Our arborists are arguably the best in Spicewood in terms of knowledge and experience, and we want to assist and direct you with any tree health issues you may have.

If your trees are sick or declining, you may need tree spraying and/or fertilization.

Tree Diagnosis By Trusted Spicewood Certified Arborists

Tree Diagnosis By Certified Arborist services SpicewoodOur certified arborist services will provide you with an accurate tree diagnosis so you can decide how to bring vitality back to your trees. To diagnose problems with trees, an arborist needs to understand botany, soils, horticulture, specific geographic climates, plants, pathology, and entomology.

Abnormalities to be Aware of:

Causes of Tree Stress

You will find that injury and disease are either abiotic or biotic based and can infect other trees that are in the area.

Certified Arborists Caring for Trees

Deep water infrequently. This makes for more drought-resistant trees.

Mulching is also good and helps shade tree roots, inhibit weeds from growing, put beneficial nutrients back into the soil, and more.

Tree trimming removes dead wood and undesirable limbs so the tree will grow properly and not become a problem for your home or other surroundings.

Tree Mitigation

Before you build a new home, add on to your home, or clear a lot in Spicewood, hire an arborist to help you. By taking this preliminary step, you will help save trees. We can protect your trees from construction damage, soil compaction, destruction of tree roots, and many more problems caused by construction.

If you need a consultation or diagnosis, call our certified arborist services. We will work with you to find a solution to keep your trees healthy for years to come.

Specialized Arborist Services for Urban Forest Management

In urban areas like Spicewood, managing trees requires specialized care due to unique challenges like limited space, pollution, and the urban heat island effect. Our arborists are well-versed in urban forestry management, offering services to maintain the health and beauty of your trees in these challenging environments.

Emergency Tree Care and Storm Damage Response In Spicewood

Severe weather can cause significant damage to trees in Spicewood, posing risks to property and safety. Our emergency response team is equipped to handle storm-damaged trees swiftly and safely. We provide services like hazard assessment, emergency tree removal, and post-storm cleanup to ensure your property’s safety and rapid recovery.

Root Care and Soil Management:

Healthy trees start with healthy roots and soil. Our team offers comprehensive root care and soil management services, including soil testing, aeration, root pruning, and the application of organic matter and soil amendments. These services are vital in promoting healthy root growth and overall tree vitality.

Contact us if you would like a tree consultation or diagnosis by a certified arborist on staff