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Tree Service in West Lake Hills, TX provides services such as trimming, removal, stump grinding, tree cabling, and diagnosis. We have 4 certified arborists on staff to help you with your tree care needs.

Tree Service West Lake Hills

There are advantages to tree trimming for both the tree and your property and in some cases public property as well. The bigger trees can fall when there is a heavy storm in the area and with the winds which West Lake Hills can see during the winter, it is better to be prepared by trimming. So if you want to avoid any of these risks to your home, your neighbor’s home, pedestrians, and the tree itself here are a couple of reasons why you should hire our tree service.

Tree Trimming Around Power Lines

Power lines are one of those things that can be damaged when you do not trim your trees. If the tree is near the power lines and strong winds hit the area, you do not even need a tree collapse to see damage to the power lines. Trimming around the power lines will keep them safe when a storm or strong winds hit the area. A tree falling on the power lines can cause a power outage in West Lake Hills or even start a fire.

West Lake Hills Residential Tree CareArborist In West Lake Hills

Trees add beauty to West Lake Hills so having them is a big plus for the neighborhood but sometimes trees can pose a danger to your home. Your property and that of your neighbors can be damaged by fallen branches or fallen trees. Our tree service will be able to recognize weak points on the tree and trim accordingly. A sick or dying tree does not need the help of a storm to fall and damage your home or the people you love. It is unavoidable that the removal of trees will become necessary at some point during your ownership of the property. If it is a weak tree or a sick tree, it can come down without a warning. Pruning can prolong the life of your trees but if it is time to get one removed we are here to help as well.