Wimberley Tree Service

Property owners in Wimberley turn to us for all of their tree service needs and help from certified arborists. Our certified arborists and other team members are all highly trained with the necessary experience to ensure that your trees are in the best possible health.

Arborist Services In Wimberley

Arborists In WimberleyMany of our popular tree services in Wimberley center on the various tasks that our certified arborists can perform. If you notice something odd about your tree, our arborists can diagnose the issue. Then we will take steps to treat your tree. They are also available to evaluate healthy trees to check for any potential risks, help you choose which trees to plant, and put their knowledge to use in any other way that would be beneficial to the health of your trees. One example would be consulting you regarding drought and what you can do to minimize its negative effects on your trees.

Tree Removal

In cases where you need a tree removed from your property, our team will gladly take care of that. We will do a safe job and make sure clean up goes as promised. If you are unsure whether you need tree removal services, our certified arborists can even help you evaluate the situation and decide what is best for your trees.

Whenever we remove trees from your property, we make safety and completeness priorities. We follow the latest safety techniques to ensure no one gets hurt, including you, our team, and passersby. These techniques also allow us to minimize the potential damage to your property during the removal process. We gladly offer this tree removal in Wimberley whether your tree is dead or you simply do not want it present anymore.

Tree Trimming In Wimberley

Tree Care Services In WimberleyIn addition to our tree removal services, our certified arborists and other experienced trimming professionals will gladly trim your trees for you. This can be done as part of regular tree maintenance for the overall health of the tree, to get rid of sick or dying limbs, or in the case of branches encroaching into areas you do not want them. As with tree removal, our tree trimming services always involve the latest safety techniques to prevent injuries and damage.

We Have Arborists In Wimberley That Are Here To Help

Arborists are trained professionals who specialize in the care of trees. We have the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to diagnose and treat a wide range of tree-related issues. Our arborists help with disease and pest infestations to tree pruning and trimming. In Wimberley, where the trees are such an integral part of the community, having a skilled certified arborist on hand is essential.

Healthy trees provide a range of benefits, from filtering pollutants to providing shade to your home and shelter for wildlife. They also help to maintain the natural beauty of the area, which is a major draw for residents and visitors alike.

Our arborists help in the prevention and control of tree hazards. Trees can pose a risk to people and property if they are not properly maintained. A tree with dead or diseased branches may be more likely to fall during a storm, causing damage or injury for example. By identifying and addressing potential hazards, arborists can help to keep your home or office safe.

Arborists can provide valuable advice and guidance on tree issues. They can help you decide on the best trees to plant on your property and provide guidance on how to care for them. This can help trees in Wimberley continue to thrive for generations.

Tree Sales

For those times that you want to add a tree to your Wimberley property, our team is here to help. We work with multiple wholesalers to get competitive rates on trees that do well in our Texas climate. Our team only selects healthy trees from our suppliers, so we can ensure that you receive trees with potential. In addition to selling trees, we also help you make a selection and take care of the tree planting.

Hedge Trimming

Our trimming services also extend to your hedges. This is a natural extension of our other tree services. It allows us to help you ensure your Wimberley property always has a well-maintained landscape.

Contact our certified arborists for all of your tree services needs in Wimberley, Texas, and the surrounding areas.