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We offer tree sales and planting in Wimberley. We have a ton of wholesale accounts that we have with tree farms throughout the Central Texas area and we make sure that we go out to these farms and measure the trees and look at them so that we know that you are getting the best of the best. On top of that, we also help you with tree planting and we have very specific guidelines that we follow to make sure that they are going to look great.

Tree Sales & Planting

Tree Sales WimberleyFor successful tree planting, the first and most important step is choosing the right species of trees for sale for the location and purpose. You may be looking for a privacy screen or want to increase the shade or simply enhance the overall beauty of your home and property. You can rely on our professionals to achieve your goals. You will hear many ideas about planting, and these can be outdated ideas that are simply not beneficial. But we stay current on the latest research and our industry’s best practices. We know what works and how to ensure that your plants will flourish.

We have a close business relationship with tree farms throughout the Central Texas area, and we go to these sites and measure and inspect the trees until we’re satisfied that you are getting the best quality trees. In addition, we take care of the tree planting, following very specific guidelines to ensure that they will give you what you want.

When and How to Water Your Newly Planted Tree

Ball And Burlap Tree Planting

Tree watering is a key component of effective tree care. Recommending an exact amount is difficult, due to the variation in climates and soil types. However, there are a few basic rules that will help guide you in watering your trees properly. We will set in place for you the guidelines to follow, including a watering schedule that is going to work for you.

When your tree is planted, our professionals will water it at that time. We will soak the root ball and we will also soak the hole and get rid of the air pockets that are in it so that it can adapt to the new soil. We do a watering method that allows a slow, 45-minute trickle. You will need to do this with a hose or have a bubbler installed at the base of your tree, as your sprinkler system will not work. We want to completely saturate the soil and then let the tree completely dry out before saturating it again. 90% of trees that fail in the first year are due to under or over-watering.

Post Tree Planting Watering Schedule:

(This is a guideline that will need to change depending on the rainfall at the time)

Watering Instructions for Balled and Burlap Trees

Container-grown Trees For Sale:

Container Grown Trees For Sale

Follow these guidelines for the first 12 months, as long as you are dealing with average rainfall conditions. If you are facing drought conditions, you will need to change the watering schedule. You can call us and ask us about that. In the second year, you can revise the watering schedule by adding four to seven days to all of the time frames listed above. Be aware that when trees are over-watered, they tend to turn color and will slowly go from a green to a pale green, and from there to a tan or a brown. This will generally start at the base or the middle of the tree. Trees that are becoming too dry tend to fade in color just slightly and will display leaves with tinged or brown edges. If mistakes are made in watering, it’s better to under-water than to over-water trees.